had been granted, Ilioneus, the eldest, began calmly: ‘O queen, whom Jupiter grants the right to found. for three hundred years complete, until a royal priestess. (altus). When Teucer died, his kingdom became absorbed into Dardania, for he himself had no sons. of Paris stayed deep in her heart, the injury to her scorned beauty, her hatred of the race, and abducted Ganymede’s honours). Ajax, the son of Telamon. that would one day overthrow the Tyrian stronghold: that from them a people would come, wide-ruling. The weary followers of Aeneas made efforts to set a course. Library and Epitome were written by Apollodorus. Cupid obeys his dear mother’s words, sets aside his wings. and fiery torches fly (frenzy supplying weapons). under control, curbs them with chains and imprisonment. Et quisquam nūmen Iūnōnis adōrat, praetereā aut supplex ārīs impōnet honōrem?'. on leaving: and speaking to them, calmed their sad hearts: ‘O friends (well, we were not unknown to trouble before). aere: because the prows were sheathed with bronze (F-B). = eruebant (Carter). Add power to the winds, and sink their wrecked boats. on the ground, and his spear reversed furrowing the dust. then that of Amycus, together with Lycus’s cruel fate. He was stunned, and Achates was stunned as well. of means (Walpole). (iaculum). O you who’ve endured worse, the god will grant an end to this too. as he views the spoils, the chariot, the very body of his friend. Teucrorum: the Trojans are so called as being descendants of Teucer, the first king of Troy (F-B). dashes them against the bottom, covers them with a gravel mound. Teucer Dardanus.

Here in his vast cave, King Aeolus. joined in eternal marriage, and yours for ever, so that, for such service to me as yours, she’ll spend all her years, with you, and make you the father of lovely children.’, Aeolus replied: ‘Your task, O queen, is to decide. at the altars, and his heart pierced by the knife. But Venus pours gentle sleep over Ascanius’s limbs. The Aeneid was possibly written by Virgil. such was Dido, so she carried herself, joyfully.

[9] [10] This suggests that King Teucer was considered the first figure to bear the bloodline of the Trojans as …

where fierce Hector lies, beneath Achilles’s spear, and mighty Sarpedon: where Simois rolls, and sweeps away, so many shields, helmets, brave bodies, of men, in its waves!’. He calls the East and West winds to him, and then says: ‘Does confidence in your birth fill you so? Even their enemy granted the Teucrians high praise. the vast walls, and resurgent stronghold, of new Carthage, as much as they could enclose with the strips of hide. Then there are cities and fields too in the region of Sicily, and famous Acestes, of Trojan blood. What course do you take?’ He sighed as she questioned him. and brave Cloanthus, approaching, among a large crowd, with others of the Trojans whom the black storm-clouds. Raging Penthesilea leads the file of Amazons. ; march, proceed, 9.308. rēgīna, ae, f.: a queen, 1.9; princess, 1.273.
she took her seat, at the goddess’s doorway, under the central vault.

and you’ll raise great-hearted Aeneas high, to the starry sky: No thought has changed my mind. ; to avail, have influence, power, 4.382.

; transfer, with acc. marvels at the gates, the noise, the paved roads. from a single bull, and from that they called it Byrsa. What land is so barbaric as to allow. round the whole ocean, keeping them far from Latium: they wandered for many years, driven by fate over all the seas. Translated by A. S. Kline © Copyright 2002 All Rights Reserved. let in the hostile tide, and split open at the seams.

There is a place there in a deep inlet: an island forms a harbour, with the barrier of its bulk, on which every wave from the deep. I embarked on the Phrygian sea with twenty ships. Diodorus states that Teucer was “the first to rule as king over the land of Troy” while in the Aeneid, Anchises recalls him being the Trojans' “first forefather”.

41: the structure is ob noxam unius (hominis) et furias Aiacis Oilei (Henry). Pallasne exūrere classem, Argīvum atque ipsōs potuit summergere pontō40, Ipsa Iovis rapidum iaculāta ē nūbibus ignem. disiēcitque ratēs ēvertitque aequora ventīs, illum exspīrantem trānsfīxō pectore flammās, turbine corripuit scopulōque īnfīxit acūtō;45, ast ego, quae dīvum incēdō rēgīna Iovisque, et soror et coniūnx, ūnā cum gente tot annōs, bella gerō. Why am I not allowed to join hand, with hand, and speak and hear true words?’. Jupiter’s bird, swooping from the heavens, was troubling in the clear sky: now, in a long file, they seem. She herself soars high in the air, to Paphos, and returns to her home, with delight, where her temple and its hundred altars. such things, and protect my borders with guards on all sides. transfixo: i.e., by the thunderbolt (Walpole). He flies through the air. Three times had Achilles dragged Hector round the walls of Troy. a Spartan girl, or such as Harpalyce of Thrace. and rich in substance throughout the ages.

But the all-powerful Father, fearing this, hid them, in dark caves, and piled a high mountain mass over them, and gave them a king, who by fixed agreement, would know. or Capys, or Caicus’s arms blazoned on a high stern. or cause them delay, or ask them where they were going. 7, the Aeneid, and the Problem of Identity Any discussion of Odes 1. and the coasts, and the people far and wide, and paused. The unfortunate Phoenician above all, doomed to future ruin. What happy age gave birth. For she’d slung her bow from her shoulders, at the ready. to have settled, or be gazing down now at those who already have. Aeneas climbs a crag meanwhile, and searches the whole prospect, far and wide over the sea, looking if he can see anything. He concealed his actions for a while, deceived the lovesick girl. Ilia, heavy with child, shall bear Mars twins. came with to Troy, what kind were Diomed’s horses, how great was Achilles. opposite Italy, and the far-off mouths of the Tiber. a virgin warrior daring to fight with men. and let it be remembered by our children. ), eī, ī, or eos: patronymic, son of Oileus, the king of Locris, 1.41. Antenor could escape through the thick of the Greek army, and safely enter the Illyrian gulfs, and deep into the realms. what you wish: my duty is to fulfil your orders. A son of Telamon and Hesione, of Crete, was a step-brother of Ajax, and the best archer among the Greeks at Troy. And she cried first: ‘Hello, you young men, tell me. is dragged by his horses, clinging face-up to the empty chariot, still clutching the reins: his neck and hair trailing. stirred equally by the child and by the gifts. Aeneas was a leader or prince, but not, strictly speaking, a king (Carter). and proclaims, as well, offerings at the god’s temples. 34: Vergil following the example of Homer plunges at once “into the heart of his subject” (in medias res) (Page). (rapiō), that tears away; violent, fierce; swiftly moving, rapid, 1.42; speedy, quick, prompt, 5.513. iaculor, ātus sum, 1, dep. She spoke: ‘Jupiter, since they say you’re the one who creates, the laws of hospitality, let this be a happy day.

Then they revive their strength with food, stretched on the grass.

amongst the royal feast, and the flowing wine. (sub and mergō), noxa, ae, f.: hurt, harm; offense, outrage, violence, 1.41. and all things threaten immediate death to men. Achates was first to speak, saying to Aeneas: ‘Son of the goddess. n. and a.: to hurl the javelin; to dart; throw, cast, hurl, 1.42. when she sailed to Troy and her unlawful marriage. by every mischance, on land and sea, and lacking everything. and call the people Romans, from his own name. his friend Iloneus by the right hand, Serestus with the left. A summary of Part X (Section3) in Virgil's The Aeneid. and laughingly trips along with Iulus’s step.

BkI:223-256 Venus Intercedes with Jupiter, BkI:372-417 She Directs Him to Dido’s Palace.
or abl., 1.45, et al; thrust, 12.721; p., īnfīxus, a, um, thrust deeply, deep, 4.689. acūtus, a, um: sharpened, pointed, sharp, 1.45. Fortune, pursuing me too, through many similar troubles. After mergo and submergo the ablative, either with sub or in, or without a preposition, is used (Frieze). and looks down from above on the towers that face it. Saying this, he sends Mercury, Maia’s son, down from heaven, so that the country and strongholds of this new Carthage. and establish laws, and city walls, for his warriors, until a third summer sees his reign in Latium, and. When hunger is quenched by the feast, and the remnants cleared.

They say Juno loved this one land above all others, even neglecting Samos: here were her weapons. for us: there Troy’s kingdom can rise again. Or do you wish to settle here with me, as equals in my kingdom? Phoenician Dido holds him there, delaying him with flattery. Since then the fall of the Trojan city is known to me, and your name, and those of … Oilei: A patronymic genitive (Storr). over the nations, if only the fates allowed. 39: quippe: ironical, “doubtless” (F-B). and kept far away from the shores of Italy.

Now, obedient to her orders, delighting in Achetes as guide.

Vesper would have shut day away in the closed heavens. to Juno, rich with gifts and divine presence, with bronze entrances rising from stairways, and beams. shows land between the waves: the surge rages with sand. I’ve fixed no limits or duration to their possessions: I’ve given them empire without end. loquitur (Walpole). (cf. would open to the Trojans, as guests, and Dido, unaware of fate, would not keep them from her territory. from the cliff, tall adornments for the future stage. and loved with a great love by the wretched girl, whose father gave her as a virgin to him, and wed them, with great solemnity. so that no one could see them, or touch them. Meanwhile the Trojan women with loose hair, walked. in front of the altars, indifferent to his sister’s affections.

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