You ain't shit without your homeboyz We close in on 5 p.m. at the King Street apartment of a cat named Spaghetti and guitarist Dries Vandenburg, also of Human Resources and Coast Records, and the man behind much of SUSTO’s image and video content for social media.

You scary niggaz is punks, You ain't shit without your homeboyz My shit's classic, like my nigga Nate, go get the tape “So it’s about those competing feelings, like, yeah, I wanna go out and see the world … but also from the other side of the coin it’s like, ‘Well I’m out here and you’re talking about you want my life — well I want yours.’ I want to be at home; I want to be around everybody. I started writing and pressed record and that song came out just as it is.”. The band was on the second leg of its European tour, making half-pay and freezing and getting increasingly annoyed with each other. The last time I sat in Osborne’s home for a cover story, it was in 2015, at the legendary Line Street house immortalized in Live at the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame. the latest and Best of Charleston for many years to come. “And it would eat me alive, the stress, because everybody was looking at me, plus I was trying to figure out how I was going to survive, how I was going make enough money off of this.”, That’s when Osborne began to also utilize mornings for reviewing demos on the beach for an hour, smoking a bowl and venturing out early to watch the waves rise and fall when the shore is still quiet and empty — a decompression tactic to help the songwriter regain some sanity, get a clear head. 2. Without your homeboyz You ain't shit without your homeboyz Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Oh shit, caught that nigga alone It’s all that, but also, today alone, there’s merch to order, a stage banner to decide on, gear to get organized for travel; there’s a meeting with management and a new band member; there are new songs to rehearse, photos to pose for, and, ahem, interviews to endure; and there are little details rock ‘n’ rollers like Osborne must check off the to-do list, things us mere mortals never consider — like recording ‘liners’ for Spotify and Pandora. 3.

Copyright: Writer(s): Tupac Amaru Shakur, Delmar Drew Arnaud, Rufus Lee Cooper Lyrics Terms of Use. “Sitting around late at night playing songs with people and not having to think of the pressure of how I’m gonna get a record deal, how am I going to get a booking agent — none of that was relevant, you know?” he says. Being a working musician isn’t the life you see on Instagram — it’s more than new places every day and living out your passion on a stage. Niggaz fiendin', I got 'em comin' back The band recently garnered attention from the likes of Rolling Stone ahead of the release of the project’s third LP, Ever Since I Lost My Mind, out Fri. Feb. 22, and he’s gearing up for a long stretch of tour dates both stateside and abroad (which began with a surprise solo show at the Royal American this past Tuesday). 11. It’s a separation that already began to form when the singer drifted away from his Christian upbringing and became a punk with “ACID BOYS” tattooed on this knuckles. That’s part of what’s happening on “Homeboy,” the new album’s lead single and a response to news that a couple of close friends could be moving on from Charleston. Outlawz you'll never forget However, in order to sustain this level of accomplishment, many […]. time where local journalism is struggling, the City Paper is “And so it gave me a chance to fall in love with the art of writing songs and moving and connecting with people through that.”, That’s why the single “Está Bien,” a track he wrote and sings entirely in Spanish, is one of this album’s several full-circle moments for Osborne, as it had him returning to the Cuban songwriting tradition of trova.

When you got the Outlaw 'Pac shittin' ya box? But they be fuckin' cowards when they by they selves

02 Acid Boys LYRICS:Take me to the train track, get me there tonight.

(You know who I'm talkin' about), That's right, you ain't shit without your homeboyz

The tourism renaissance began in the early 2000s and has carried on to today. “The hilarious thing about all this is it has to all be arbitrary and I’m following this and maybe against my own interests. Though Osborne has obvious affection for his former bandmates and all they’ve built together, it’s also clear that some power struggles led to the current setup, with the band’s only founding member returning to SUSTO’s origins as one man’s vision. When Outlawz draw down, They all clown, better yet they all stunned He tried not to give the digits too much weight, and yet there it was, constantly. No Way Out ... More Susto albums With every current member now visited, we head straight for a bar stool and another full-circle moment at the Royal American, where it all started. You can tell me that you don't want to stay, you can tell me that there's somebody else in your life now...thats alright.Take me to the train tracks and get me out of town, I've got to bust out tonight.Somebody's hanging around trying to shoot me down, hiding out in the city lights. Tear that ass out the frame, completely get that ass kicked “We all started doing our own things, and at the same time the Trump era comes in and these political and ideological wedges start to make their way in,” he says, “and I just don’t have the same level of closeness with them anymore.”, Osborne also attributes his chosen profession to that disconnect from loved ones that happens when on the road for much of the year.

The rest of the day shadowing SUSTO reveals a beautiful machine of a team hard at work, with all hands on deck. Thug niggaz, I love niggaz Osborne weighs in on which images and ideas tie in the sentiments of the album best, ever careful in considering every single detail that embodies Ever Since I Lost My Mind. My raw raps like good crack Hey, uh, this one here is, uhh

“I always wanted to be a rock ‘n’ roller and didn’t realize how much I was getting myself into, as far as how much of my time it would take and how it would feel to be disconnected from my friends and the love of my life, you know?” Osborne says.
They put me in handcuffs, slide me in the backseat of a cop car, and tell me I should go home. “They’d always say, ‘Keep writing until you’re in the studio — you never know what’s gonna come out,'” he says.

'Cause now that little ridah got to deal with eight daddies

“Hey, this is Justin from SUSTO — you’re listening to ‘Homeboy’ from my new album Ever Since I Lost My Mind, out now. So it was a nice cherry on top.”. They all duckin' when my gun smoke “Meghan taught me to drive manual so every time I drove it I’d think of her and just miss home even more,” he says.

Osborne is here at Vandenburg’s request to go over some of the harmonies, both older ones, like “Hard Drugs,” and new ones, like “Last Century,” a job that was covered on the album by Nashville musician Madi Diaz.

We collaborated a lot on it, which I was happy with, but whenever we were talking about moves, as far as the team we were building outside of the music, we just disagreed a lot,” Osborne says. From small time crooks to big-time drug dealers Me and my niggaz is so close, it's complicated, One nigga smokin' and drinkin' and yet we all faded

With 5,727 tests collected, the percent-positive rate was 11%. From small time crooks to big-time drug dealers

'Cause you ain't shit without your homeboyz, You probably run at the sound of funk As for the local full-band release show, that’s at the Windjammer on Isle of Palms, an earshot away from the same waves that have come to calm Osborne, from one record to the next — the same waves that are emblazened on SUSTO’s hot-off-the-press backdrop, the same waves on the back of the new LP, the same waves you’ve seen in social media branding throughout the record’s promotional cycle thus far. It is the warmest the city has been this year, one of those mid-winter days in Charleston that seems like summer is within easy grasp. In creating Ever Since I Lost My Mind, Osborne spent most mornings right here at home, downtown, an arm’s reach from his favorite caffeine provider. You ain't shit without your homeboyz There, he could reconnect with his original vision, something he felt he was, for whatever reason, losing control over. Without your homeboyz, The only thing a nigga got left 222, a number that has long been significant for both Osborne as well as longtime SUSTO producer and friend, Rialto Row’s Wolfgang Zimmerman. Now down around the way you gets no respect “I’m just here to lend a hand and enhance the sound and do what I do,” Walker says. 10. So no, not the glamorous globe-trotting life fans envision, more like a, ‘Oh hey, here’s your guitar, which got broken in transit, by the way; here’s a Sprinter van, where you’ll be spending all your time with four other people; and don’t bother phoning home — there’s no signal.’ But at least the ride reminded him of his wife.

Watch 'em act like bitches That day, the guys told me stories of their frequent run-ins with the number, with Osborne’s dating back to his first days as a touring musician, catching glimpses of 222 often and everywhere from exit signs to clocks.
“The release date is important to me nevertheless, because of the record feeling so personal, and if it hadn’t been such a personal journey to get here — not just in the last year or two just trying to figure things out and get the pieces together, but really since half my life ago, since I was 15 and first picked up a guitar. In a You coward ass motherfuckers'll never see me, Bustin' with automatic straps The self-titled debut is rough, yet brilliant. And it’s all happening on Feb. 22, a.k.a. From crack dealin' to rap villain, my new profession “Hey, this is Justin from SUSTO — you’re listening to ‘Homeboy’ from my new album Ever Since I Lost My Mind, out now. Makaveli the Don get a call y'all He has also toured with the Artisanals in the past and, before that, Brave Baby, and at present offers up whatever he can contribute to Osborne’s vision.

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