However, these claims are generally considered to be pseudo-scholarship, and the scholarly opinion is that the region sometimes thought of as Antarctica is more likely Patagonia or the Terra Australis Incognita (Unknown Southern Land) widely believed to exist before the Southern Hemisphere was fully explored. The similarity is perhaps only marginally greater than you might expect from chance, and certainly isn’t unmistakeable enough for us to be sure there was any real geographical knowledge behind its production.

Could it simply be that Piri Reis had run out of room on his map and opted to run the rest of the South American coastline along its bottom edge?

The most puzzling aspect of the map is its depiction of Antarctica. According to the history books, the first confirmed sighting of Antarctica occurred in 1820 by the Russian expedition of Mikhail Lazarev and Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen. Some were Columbus’s maps whilst others, the Admiral claimed, dated back as far as 400 BC. They were astounded by the accuracy of the map, going as far as to say it must have been compiled with the help of aerial surveying.

Google+. The map shows antarctica at a time it had not been discovered, UFO: Cubic entity rotates around International Space Station. Mallery noted that what was thought to be the distorted coast of South America along the maps bottom edge bore a remarkable resemblance to the coastline of Antarctica. The hydrographic office drafted in Arlington Mallery, a retired US Navy captain who specialised in ancient maps.


Dr. Richard Strachan of MIT studied the map for Hapgood and concluded that it depicted non-glacial conditions in coastal regions of Antarctica. Professor Charles Hapgood, a historian and geographer at Keene State College, was fascinated by Mallery’s claims and decided to investigate himself.

Such a prospect would have staggering consequences for our history.

In order to further prove its thesis, the book had gone far beyond the work of the US Navy and Arlington Mallery. 0. Walters, a cartographer with the bureau, said in a radio interview at Georgetown University — “We have taken the old charts and the new charts that the Hydrographic Office produces today and made comparisons of the soundings of salient peaks and mountains. theunredacted 03 Mar 2018. He spent weeks pouring through medieval maps in the Library of Congress in Washington for depictions of Antarctica. But the idea rests on the correct identification of Antarctica, something which is fiercely disputed. Do these mysterious maps prove a lost civilization existed in prehistory? Hapgood could only make one conclusion. February 1, 2016. This was long before mainstream history tells us mankind had the ability to do so. Hapgood was aware he needed more than Piri Reis and set about trying to find more evidence. Voice of People Today ( is the world's largest international multimedia news agency, providing investing news, world news, business news, technology news, headline news, war and conflict news, small business news, news alerts, personal finance, stock market, and mutual funds information available on, video, mobile, and interactive television platforms. Texas UFO Crash : Documentary on the Greatest UFO Mystery in History, 5 Most Famous People Who Believe in Extraterrestrials. Do mysterious medieval maps reveal the existence of a lost civilization in Antartica? WhatsApp.

Hapgood’s findings were later taken up by proponents of such a lost civilization. Tweet on Twitter. Dated to 1513, the map showed the Atlantic ocean and the coastlines of South America, West Africa and Europe. After the discovery of the Piri Reis map, an unsuccessful investigation was launched to find the lost Columbus source map. Many people have raised the question, how could a Turksih admiral from half a millennium ago map a continent’s topography that has been covered with ice for thousands of years? Instead, Reis noted on the map that it was based on older sources. Perhaps Hapgood’s most amazing discovery was the world map of 1737 produced by French cartographer Phillipe Bauche. Various Atlantic islands, including the Azores and Canary Islands are shown, as is the mythical island of Antillia and possibly Japan. Was this more evidence for an advanced civilization lost to history?

THE CART OF . But it remained relatively obscure outside of academia until the 1950s, when a former US Navy captain Arlington Mallery made a startling observation. The Piri Reis Map, shown below, is the oldest surviving map to show the Americas. Do mysterious medieval maps reveal the existence of a lost civilization in Antartica? It is not European, surprisingly, but Turkish. Facebook. Geologists tell us that no inland waterways have existed in Antarctica for millions of years, a time before modern human beings existed at all, let alone ones capable of map making.

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