Good thing. You motor heads! Overall, this was one of Kevin Smith's best written movies and is a welcome addition to the Kevin Smith collection. The film is Smith's first to have received a PG-13 rating, rather than an R. According to interviews with Smith in the documentary This Film Is Not Yet Rated, it was originally given an R,[10] due to the dialogue with Ollie and Maya discussing masturbation in the diner, but the decision was overturned. So much for the high-powered career! Another time she says, “An interest in adult films is healthy so long as it doesn’t become habitual.”.

Overall this was a good, heartwarming and funny film from Kevin Smith, much different than his previous Jersey flicks.
George Carlin was also bonus. Gertrude, while pregnant, gently confronts Ollie about his priorities, saying, “You have to stop being the guy who works late and become the guy who’s home at six and hangs out with his family.”, Bart has a statue of Mary in his front yard. Folks sometimes forget that we go to the movies to relax and forget our troubles.

After being fired at a press conference he moves home to his widowed father.

Ben Affleck who plays Ollie Trinke is a Manhattan music publicist. Also nice is the Jersey scenery and the edgy talk and themes.

Ben Affleck as Ollie Trinke; Raquel Castro as Gertie Trinke; George Carlin as Bart Trinke; Liv Tyler as Maya; Jennifer Lopez as Gertrude Steiney; Matt Damon and Will Smith in brief cameo appearances. (Viewers see Maya in her bra.) | Pressed by the situation of lonely father, the workaholic Ollie blows-up in an important press conference and makes a fatal statement, losing his job and becoming blacklisted in his publicist career. | He meets and falls in love with Gertrude Steiney, who soon gets pregnant. Its not an Oscar quality film, its just a nice to film to watch if you have nothing better to do. millie_dillmount. A young boy and girl show each other their genitals (nothing is seen).

PG-13; ... Viewers twice see a stage production of Sweeney Todd, and each time they see a straight razor slitting a man’s throat, which gushes fake blood. The film follows a man who must take care of his precocious daughter after her mother dies in childbirth. Spoilers ahoy! Review the movie for what it is, not for what Smith and Affleck have done previously. User Ratings Respecting your parents is important.

I've been a Kevin Smith fan for years, but my disappointment with Jersey Girl doesn't come from the lack of Jay and Silent Bob, or the fact that it isn't a typical View Askew film.

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