Free printable and easy chords for song by Incubus - Drive Acoustic. [Chorus] Em G C Am Em G Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there C Am with open arms and open eyes, yeah Em G C Am Em G Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there C …

Easy guitar songs for guitar beginners and newcomers. Checkout. ----- DRIVE - Acoustic. Please write comments if you find anything incorrect, or you want to share more information about the song above. [Verse] Em7 Gmaj/D CM7 Asus2 Em7 Gmaj/D CM7 Asus2 Sometimes, I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear. (Verse) [D]I can almost see it [A]That dream I’m dreaming but [G]There’s a voice inside my hea, 1.
Add new tab Help us to improve Take our survey! Song: DRIVE Artist: INCUBUS Tab from: dVb Enjoy! (Open B/2nd string, C# 2nd fret/2nd string and D 3rd fret/2nd … guitarPlayerBox.

Chords ratings, diagrams and lyrics. Take it [F] easy [C] with me, [F] please [C] Touch me [F] gently like a [C] summer evening [F] b, Verse 1 Am Em Am It's not true Em Tell me I've been lied, [Verse] A Bm Lift your head, baby, don't be scared C#m, Intro G Bm G Bm G Bm G Bm Verse 1 A C#m F#m I hear the drums, [Fmaj7]If there was a picture perfect [Am/E]that would be [G#dim7]us [Am7]I could be across the wor, Verse 1 Am Breakfast at Tiffany's and bottles of bubbles F Girls with t, [E]Same lips red, same eyes blue [F#m]Same white shirt, couple more tattoos [G#m] But it's not, Verse: [Bb] I never knew [Gm] when the clock stopped and I'm [C] looking at you [C7] I never thoug, [Intro] Dmaj7 A Em7 Gm6 C [Verse1] Dmaj7 A I don't, Chords is too complex? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------, Very Cool Easy Song that really only has two parts, 0 7 9 7 8 7 0 7 5 7 7 X x 3 5 4 5 3 5 x 5 5 5 x, Sometimes, I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear, And I can't help but ask myself how much I'll let the fear, It's driven me before and seems to have a vague, I'll be there with open arms and open eyes yea, It's driven me before and it seems to be the way, But lately I'm beginning to find that when. Use this checkbox to simplify the chords (click to close), (Tobi approved). This chords is contributed by Tobi.If you like Chords Easy and would like to contribute, you can also create a new song/chords HERE.See your chords appearing on the Chords Easy … Learn how to play exactly like Incubus Drive Intro 4x: Em Em7(9) C7M A5(7/9) Em Em7(9) C7M A5(7/9) Sometimes, i feel the fear of Em Em7(9) C7M A5(7/9) Uncertainty stinging clear. Please explain why did you choose such low rating for this tab. A9 A A9 But lately I'm/ beginning to find that when/ I A drive myself my light is found... [Chorus] Em Bm7 Cm7 E Em Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be … More versions. Incubus - Drive Chord Notes: This song drives on the 2nd string B, C# and D for the Riff. This page is printed from ChordsEasy.COM Thanks for visiting :-), Please enable JavaScript to use all Chords Easy features. Intro ----- Em7 Em9 Cmaj7add9 Am13 Verse (Em7 Em9 Cmaj7add9 Am13) ----- Em7 Em9 Cmaj7add9 Am13 Sometimes, I … No barre chord songs Tab 1 .

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