There’s so few secrets to it. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Joe has even resorted to the near-unprecedented method of occasionally conducting the long-form conversations with guests over a video call rather than in-studio to ensure that his audience can still enjoy their regular mindf*cks courtesy of a wide variety of guests. ), Neil deGrasse Tyson does a good job of explaining astrophysics, Eric explains this with a water bottle – if you think of the water bottle as the universe, it’s not expanding, the cross sections of the water bottle are expanding, Eric has a good point – We’re probably less sure of how this happened that we’re making it out to be, It’s a 2D sphere (that is the surface of the earth), where an extra circle is included at every point on the surface of that sphere, and that extra circle (called the fiber)…when you take the totality of all those circles together, one for each point on the surface of the sphere, they create something called a “3 sphere” (all the points that are 1 unit of distance away from the origin in four dimensional space). 10. 15 Greatest Stephen King Short Stories Of All Time “Everyone should learn to play the harmonica or know why they’re not doing it. If you wanted to compete in the 170 lb.

Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with this, but when a large portion of Joe's audience are people who have to work jobs they might not like for the purpose of feeding their families, occasionally some of Rogan's comments can come across as out of touch, at best. You Won't Get 100% On This ULTIMATE Flag Quiz! Joe Rogan Experience #1320 – Eric Weinstein. July 4, 2019 3,946,554 views. He's at the same time an argument against. The rise over the run is measured based on a custom level, An employer pays an employee a fixed salary, despite high inflation, but the employee suggests he be paid by not a constant amount, but based on his purchasing power, In the employee’s world – the salary should not be constant, but be calculated relative to purchasing power, Those stairs, in gauge theory, would be the reference levels for the derivative, Eric challenges Joe to take a coffee cup, held from the bottom, and without moving his fingers, rotate it 360 degrees, It would be done in a similar fashion to the above video, This requires 720 degrees of rotation unexpectedly, Example – Take the square root of (-1) …we go from real numbers…to complex numbers (two different domains), This is really what physics is all about – discovering more and more about what we did not know to ever exist, “The differences between children have to be buried” –, Some children are great at “abstraction”, but a lot of the children that are great at abstraction are “learning disabled” in the eyes of the teaching system, “Most learning disabilities are actually teaching disabilities” – People don’t know how to teach the smartest kids, What does this mean? This is a fan site, run by a fan, for fans. You are here: Home » Videos » Scientists » Joe Rogan Experience #1320 – Eric Weinstein, Eric Weinstein is a mathematician and economist, and he is also the managing director at Thiel Capital.

– There’s not enough weight classes  for MMA (there’s 155lbs. When doing differential calculus (like calculating slopes – the rise over the run) a question arises – where you do you measure the rise from?

It started as a common fandom around folks like the Weinsteins, Peterson, Harris, Shapiro, Rogan, and so on. Weinstein has a PhD in physics from Harvard and hosts a podcast called The Portal in which he discusses big picture problems facing society.

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