Taiwan • Japan • Beijing • IST can also refer to Irish Standard Time or Israeli Standard time, but most of the times it is India that is being referred to – just make sure to double check this before you send that calendar invite! Egypt • St Petersburg • Puerto Rico • Vladivostok • If you want to reach out to someone in IST and you are available anytime, you can schedule a call between 2:30 am and 6:30 pm your time.

Taiwan • Warsaw • Argentina • Rio de Janeiro • Simply mouse over the colored hour-tiles and glance at the hours selected by the column... and done! Chile • Arizona • Beijing • Paris • Miami • Belarus • Solomon Islands • Houston • Stockholm • Central European Time (CET) ... India Standard Time. St Petersburg • More CET conversionsCET to PST, CET to CST, CET to BST, CET to EDT, CET to MSTMore IST conversionsIST to EDT, IST to BST, IST to PDT, IST to MST, IST to JST. Kyrgyzstan • Malaysia • CEST is observed between the last Sunday of March and the last Sunday of October. IST is 3.5 hours ahead of CET. UAE • Kiev • Taiwan • Malaysia • Nepal •

Solomon Islands • Chita • Dubai, West Africa Time (WAT) •

CET Time IST Time 12:00 PM Thursday CET ↔ 04:30 PM Thursday IST 01:00 PM Thursday CET ↔ Paris • Morocco • Warning: Many sources define CET as a constant UTC+1. Tokyo • Converters & Timepieces.

The list is long but includes Berlin, Oslo, Madrid, Rome, Tirana, Amsterdam, Paris, Warsaw, Bern, Geneva and Copenhagen. Add 4 hours 30 minutes to CET to get IST. Cape Town • Jordan • 11:00 AM (11:00) Central European Summer Time: GMT ( UTC ) : » Central European Summer Time to Local Time Main Conversion Page. Countries in CET and IST. Kiev • Casablanca • Stockholm •

Istanbul, AEST • Ghana • New York • Monterrey • Istanbul, AEST •

Summer Time & DST India Standard Time (IST) is 5:30 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Phoenix • You have not entered any meeting locations yet. AEDT • ACDT • ACST • Sydney • So, when it is. Tanzania • Chita • Daylight Saving Time used for Central European Time (CET), for details check here. https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/cet-to-ist-converter. Denver • Saskatoon • CET is 4:30 hours behind of IST. Stockholm • 11 am Pacific Time to Central Time. Toronto • Scale: • Is local time not Right? Time zone converters for CET and IST. Ethiopia • This timezone does not observe daylight saving time so the time difference always stay the same. Berlin •

CET is 4:30 hours behind of IST. Saudi Arabia • Puerto Rico • South Africa • CET is, as the name implies, the time zone for Central Europe. Kyrgyzstan • Sri Lanka •

Chicago • 11:00 AM Local Time to Central European Summer Time. Casablanca • Brisbane • • Is local time not Right? Melbourne • Next 5 Hours. Bangladesh • Lagos • Central Africa Time (CAT) •
Korea • AEDT • ACDT • ACST • Kazan •

Western European Time (WET) • Central European Time (CET) • Eastern European Time (EET) • London • Phoenix •

In practice, “Central” means “Western” as Central European Time includes everything from the Nordics to Spain. Istanbul, AEST • Input the time zone below to convert: India Time to Local Time Main Conversion Page, India Time to Worldwide Timezone Converters. Halifax • You however need to pay attention to if the other time zone is observing DST as this will make a difference. Bangladesh • Adelaide • Central Africa Time (CAT) • Manaus • Auckland •

Viet Nam • https://savvytime.com/converter/cet-to-ist, Central European Summer Time is 3 hours and 30 minutes behind of India Standard Time So 4:00 am 04:00 in CEST is 7:30 am 07:30 in IST. Western European Time (WET) • Central European Time (CET) • Eastern European Time (EET) • London • Input the time zone below to convert: Central European Time to Local Time Main Conversion Page, Central European Time to Worldwide Timezone Converters. China • Toronto •

Seoul • Karachi • East Africa Time (EAT) • Paris • CET stands for Central European Time. • Is local time not Right? Oman • Time zone convert: Central European Time (CET) to India Time (IST) Time now in CET and IST.

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