Project Description

Seeing Possibilities

Research shows that 387 million people in the world are living with diabetes. 3,5 million of them are from Poland. 85% of type one diabetics are children and youth up to 20 years of age.We should remember that diabetes is a challenge for all family, not only child. Parents are stressed and have to keep an eye on correct diet, analyze the level of sugar and  much more.

The other problem noticed by the team is that today elderly people have no too much contact with the rest of society and they are feeling unneeded.

Enactus University of Lodz wanted to help diabetics and commit the seniors. Grandma care is one of the best childhood memories. SweetHelp offers the intergenerational contact for the kids involved in the project.

Taking Action

First of all Enactus University of Lodz established contact with parents, seniors from senior’s club and people who are working with diabetics and seniors every day.

After that they started workshops for seniors which had to prepare them for childcare. Foundation “help for young diabetics-Diabeciaki” aided in preparation.

Thanks for cooperation with foundation and town-council in project and enable contact with larger group of parents.

Enabling Progress

Sweet Help is the first such initiative in Poland. A lot of parents are interested in participating in the project and new organizations want to help in development.Thanks to the project seniors earn additional money and parents have more time for work and other activities (career responsibilities, hobby).

The project SweetHelp is education about diabetes, it is cooperation with other organizations which want to help other people, it is improvement in people standard of living.

Project Info

Project is realized by Enactus Uniwersity of Lodz


Rafał Baranowski
725 866 500