Project Description

Pestka PitStop

Seeing Possibilities

Enactus Warsaw School of Economics noticed some social problems among few social groups. On the one hand, there is growing problem of sales selected fruits and vegetables, covered by the Russian embargo among local farmers. On the other hand, in Poland study 15 000 students from Ukraine who have financial troubles keeping up in Warsaw. The third element are office workers who do not have sufficient access to healthy food, which cause negative eating habits. The aim of the project is to promote healthy diet and good eating habits among office workers, improve the financial condition of students from Ukraine and Polish farmers.

Taking Action

Students from Enactus WSE created a simple model, in which students from Ukraine produce and sell healthy juices from local products on which Russian embargo was imposed. Products are distributed through various channels to reach office workers. During the project activities there have been sold 270 portions of healthy juices and smoothies. In the first phase of project 180kg of fruits and vegetables was collected for the production process of juices.

Enabling Progress

The net profit of the project for the first involved farmers amounts to 600 PLN. Thanks to the pilot sales, project have created a workplace for one student from Ukraine. The development plans of the project are to include in the distribution channels food trucks. In addition, mobile application is under development for virtual orders. The project is improving the financial condition of farmers and students from Ukraine, and improve the eating habits of people working in offices.

Project Info

Project is realized by the Enactus Warsaw School of Economics

We invite comapnies and organizations to cooperation contact:

Glib Skrypka
505 111 209