Project Description

Kamionek Milowy

Seeing Possibilities

Sentiment to the past, nostalgia marketing and return to the old days – that is how the students of SWPS University use local history to improve the quality of life of the local community.

Asking the inhabitants of the left bank of Warsaw where Kamionek is, usually in response you can hear “I don’t know”, or “Somewhere at Praga”. Officially it is one of the neighborhoods of the Praga district of Warsaw. Nevertheless, it is not Praga, because mentally it does not resemble it, having its individual character.

The first mention of the Kamion (Kamionek) situated on the Vistula river dates from the 11th century. It was Kamion-Solec, the first ferry connection, which was the link between the princely castle and the east.

In the 16th century it was the place of choice of the first elective king, Henry III Valois. It was also here where the Warsaw Confederation and the Henrician Articles were signed.

During the interwar period several large factories, including Wedel, Perun, PZO and the Electric Apparatus Factory, were located at Kamionek. The area is sometimes called the Silicon Valley of Warsaw.

Kamionek Milowy is a socially innovative project based on the principles of nostalgia marketing, which works for the local Kamionek community and private companies.

The students noticed that Kamionek, the place where they forge their future, has an extremely rich history and enormous entrepreneurial potential. At Kamionek itself you can find nearly 50 craftsmen. In the neighboring parts of the district there are over 200. Craftsmen represent our history on which we build our future, they also are an enormous resource of knowledge, experience and tradition that must be told from generation to generation.

It is estimated that there are currently about 2,000 craft establishments in Warsaw alone, nearly 90% of which are unable to keep up with the changing reality.


Taking Action

The project is based on three forms of activity: education, redecoration and promotional support. At this moment 10 places have decided for cooperation with us.

Education means workshops, which are organized for entrepreneurs and craftsmen. During the course participants are asked to answer questions about their business development opportunities. They gain knowledge about storytelling, nostalgia marketing, business planning, and the promotion of their business on the Internet and the real world.

Redecoration, or practical use of nostalgia marketing. In collaboration with the partners (e.g. Sic! Architektura wnętrz, Warszawa do usług, Rękoczyn) the students visually refresh service and craft establishments, by style referring to the past and history of the place.

Promotional support applies to both the promotion of the premises and the Kamionka area. The main activities within this pillar are about the integration of the local community through active participation in social media, organization of urban games, excursions and events for the local community. Important elements of the project are creation of the “Kamionek routes” mobile application (generator of walking routes) and the crowdfunding action.


Enabling Progress

Currently there is one fully redecorated premise. The project for next premise is ready. 10 workshops for craftsmen took place. Promotional support has reached over 1 000 000 recipients. Several craftsmen who take part in the project have reported a 10% increase in revenue. Kamionek Milowy is the initiator of the Team for the Support of Craft Heritage and reviews revitalization activities conducted at Praga South.

The project is supported by the Praga Museum, the Local Activity Support Center (Paca 40), Warszawasza, BCC, Kamionek District Council, Praga South District Office.

Project Info

Project is realized by Enactus Uniwersytet SWPS

We invite companies and organizations to cooperation:

Bartosz Bednarz
tel: 570 070 093