Project Description

Health Point

Seeing Possibilities

Health Point program was created as a response to the problems related to food selection and nutrition among children and teenagers. We noticed that every day healthy nutrition is being pushed out by fast food style of life.

Our main idea and activity is children education in schools with the active participation of teachers and parents. Taught aspects are to be used in practice with involvement of families sharing the theoretical knowledge acquired during the workshop. All families are included and invited to come to workshops and implement healthy habits at home.

We want these decisions to become a natural way of life in other word a natural reflex. Therefore, using the idea of ​​fusing habits we decided that the child’s environment should be encouraged to participate in health – related projects.

We look at children and see future consumers who will be making decisions about their health and their family. So we also want them to be properly prepared and oriented on healthy choices.

Taking Action

The project consists of several stages, leading to a certification of schools participating in the Health Point.

Our group target are children from primary schools and their parents. Each committed school, starts the program with a series of classes workshops during which children gain knowledge types of food products consequences their choices.

The next step is to convince schools to create an extra position of a “food-educator”, whose main task will be organizing a variety of activities for children, aiming to consolidate acquired skills. Food-educator work will be carried out in accordance with the Code of healthy living, and school activities in this field will be monitored.

In the final stage of the program a schools will be get an accreditation together with a certificate. This accreditation will need to be renewed every year.

Enabling Progress

So far, pilot workshops were conducted in 3 elementary schools. Three rounds for grades 1-6, gave a total number of 196 participants (two schools were located in Lodz, one in Okup Mały).

All workshops participants expressed their willingness to take part in the next ones. Interviewed teachers also evaluated positively the way workshops were conducted. We are proud of the fact each involved school expressed a desire to keep on cooperating with us by joining HP.

As a result of the project there were brochures created that described 10 principles of heaths nutrition. The project will be expended to embrace more than 780 children. We plan to collaborate with the City Hall and other government entities for spreading the idea that will pay off in future, in the form of healthy society and an conscious consumer.

Project Info

Project is realized by the Enactus Lodz University of Technology

We invite comapnies and organizations to cooperation

Aleksandra Kloc