Project Description

Seeing Possibilities

Sight – the key sense, making life easier in modern world, where picture is information and visual communication is overwhelming. There are almost 2 mln blind and visually impaired people in Poland and unfortunately this number rises every year.


Taking Action

Members group created an innovative system based on BLE Technology (Bluetooth Low Energy) to help people with sight problem in moving around the city by public transport. The dedicated mobile application (and a smartband) informs its owner about the number and direction of the bus or tram that has just arrived at the bus stop.


Enabling Progress

Our team received permission for official three months tests on 124 bus line from Krakow City Hall representatives and city infrastructure administrators. We have invited to cooperation a group of testers who are visually impaired people. Beneficiaries of the project will gain their independence and self-reliance that is higly valued in modern world.


Project is realized by Enactus AGH