Project Description


Seeing Possibilities

Management of the household budget is a problem for more than 70% of families in Poland, due to the fact that most people are not planning their expenses in the longer term than a few days. The state of financial education in Poland, also leaves much to be desired. The Enactus team conducted full and deep research among students in matters of money spending habits and financial intelligence skills, on which the project base was built.


Taking Action

On the basis of research conducted by students from Warsaw University of Life Sciences they decided about the solution – building a model of on-line platform that allows learning household management skills in the gamification system. This is the first simulation of the household budget on-line in Poland. The platform answer to specific gaps and educational needs in Poland.


Enabling Progress

In the first edition of a simulation involving more than 600 participants from 57 schools in Poland, and 11 teachers directly evaluate progress and results of 127 students. As a result of simulation, knowledge of saving has risen by an average of 25%, and savings retained in the portfolio by 16%.
The plans for the future is the realization of simulation sessions every six months, achieving the involvement of at least 3000 users in the next 2 years, to personalize the start conditions of the game and start scaling the project to nearby countries with similar problem of lack of education about saving money.

Project Info

Project is realized by Enactus University of Life Sciences

We invite comapnies and organizations to cooperation contact:

Filip Piwowar
796 099 003