Project Description


Seeing Possibilities

A lot of children from rural areas have problems with low self-esteem and diffidence.

That’s why we created a new project DREAMS. The main purpose is motivation and elicitation workshops which will help children discover their potential and raise their self-esteem.

Children deserve attention, they are the future. Therefore we wanted to show children that passion and dreams are the most important in life.

Taking Action

The project was created in 2012. So far we have led three editions of the project. In the first edition children from Janusz Korczak’s primary school attended workshops about life values. 97 children took part in program.

In the second edition children were divided into three age groups – 1-2 class, 3-4 class and 5-6 class. Over 100 children took part in workshops.

In the third edition we invited 9 primary schools and organized workshops about self-development, life opportunities and self-belief. Children were divided in 3 age groups.

Enabling Progress

Surveys  conducted after the project shows that children and teachers are pleased with program. Children’s level of knowledge and motivation has increased.

100% teachers said that the project has got positive influence on children.

96% of educators noticed improvement in how children perceive themselves.

85% teachers confirm children’s willingness to engage in new initiative

The most important for us is the children’s smile. Research shows that we didn’t waste our time but we have to wait a bit longer for the real effect. We would like to track progress and see how children develop their skills.

Project Info

Project is realized by the Enactus Lodz University of Technology

We invite comapnies and organizations to cooperation

Aleksandra Kloc