Project Description


Seeing Possibilities

In the Tri-City, as in any large metropolis, we see a multitude of banners hanging in every possible place. Today, all companies use this method to advertise their own activities, unfortunately, hence streets and buildings, including the old and typical for Gdańsk tenement houses are hidden behind miles of hanging posters.
We saw this problem a few years ago, but recently all the post-election posters hanging on every available space have influenced us, so last year we have taken action to prevent it!
Banner is the perfect material to create unique products while at the same time project upcycle heavy ecological waste.
We noticed that our area is inhabited by people who for some reason cannot find jobs despite their willingness. There are many reasons for this: disability, being punished, social exclusion or inability to obtain adequate qualifications. In this way, we created a simple equation and people from Social Integration Centre (SIC) in Gdansk for over the year are sewing environmentally friendly products created from banner advertising and earn regular income.

Taking Action

Project plan began with examining the needs of the target group. Conversations with SIC bring us closer to the next steps. We started collecting useless banners from construction companies, marketing and real estate. Then the whole advertising material we brought to the Integration Centre, where employees changed their old and unwanted advertising into amazing products.
Enactus University of Gdansk occupied marketing, sales and distribution. Brand began to be recognized, and the products frequently purchased by happy customers. Previously you could meet us at our bazaars connected with another project, but it will soon expand operations outside the bazaars.


Enabling Progress

In this way, two problems have created one solution! With Enactus UG a lot of unnecessary banners disappeared from Tri-City streets discovering the beauty of the city, moreover Enactus University of Gdansk help Integration Center patients improve their professional qualifications and gain additional source of revenue.
The project is very young, has only a year, so this is just the beginning. In future plans are many stands on local markets and cooperation with students of Fine Arts.
We hope that dot. brand will become even more recognizable and will promote upcycling – reprocessing waste, where unique products are created.


Project Info

Project is realized by the Enactus Lodz University of Gdansk

We invite comapnies and organizations to cooperation contact:

Angela Czyżewska