Project Description


Before the flood comes

Seeing Possibilities

Bridges and rivers always was one of the frequently visited places in Wroclaw. Rivers associate with beautiful view but we  also have to remember about danger of flood which can bring destruction and flood. In 1997 during great flood in Wroclaw 56 people died and losses amounted to 3,5 bilions PLN. Only thanks to warning from Opole, city has got more time to organize security. The problem is lack of knowledge about flood and what we should do before, in time and after that.  We don’t receive information about similar situation in school but we know that it could help a lot.

Taking Action

The main goal of the project is to provide significant knowledge about the flood and what we should do when it’s coming. Our target group are children who often don’t know how to react in flood time. Additionally, we believe that it could enhance parents’ knowledge.

We are organizing workshops in co-operations with professors. First of all, children have to watch movie about the flood. The movie  consists of three parts, after each of them children have to solve quiz. Furthermore, children have to do tasks about flood topics from specially prepared exercise books. After that, children in games where we can check their knowledge about alarm flags, causes and stages of flood.

Enabling Progress

The effect of our project was acquisition of significant knowledge about the flood by parents and children. 350 children understand this natural phenomenon and we hope that this knowledge will help them to reduce material losses when flood appear in Wroclaw. Improvement in home security and behavior during evacuation will give measurable benefits for all of project’s members.

Project Info

Project is realized by Enactus Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences


Samanta Mrozek
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