Project Description


Seeing Possibilities

Worldwide, there are over 21 million individuals with aphasia, they are people after a stroke, which have disrupted the ability to speak or understand speech. In Poland, there are currently about 150 thousands of people with aphasia. Aphasia is more frequent than Parkinson’s disease, but far less known by the people. In the current market, especially in Poland, there is no appropriate solutions to facilitate communication and responding to the problems that everyone with aphasia encounter on a daily basis.

Taking Action

Enactus Warsaw University of Life Sciences team has created an innovative application and the largest knowledge base in Poland with aphasia. The application facilitates people with aphasia contact with the outside world and was established during a professional 3-stage tests with a group of beneficiaries, the research institute and developers. The information portal on the other hand, aims to build awareness and understanding of the disease among Poles.

Enabling Progress

Enactus Warsaw University of Life Sciences team have managed to create a platform and application. Established platform is the most accessible knowledge base of aphasia in Poland, where are published over 30 professional articles on the mentioned affliction. The application is very popular, and only in the first 10 days has been downloaded more than 100 times.

Project Info

Project is realized by the Enactus Warsaw University of Life Sciences

We invite comapnies and organizations to cooperation contact:

Filip Piwowar
796 099 003