Project Description


Seeing Possibilities

Research suggests that 15% of primary school children, 23% middle school students and 30% high school students don’t take part in physical education. Consequently it causes a problem of overweight among children. Currently 10% students have problems with overweight.

We decided that we have to improve the attractiveness of physical education and implement new kinds of activities. We chose that two poorly known sport disciplines – Lacrosse and American’s Football. We wanted to popularize these US sports in Poland believing that since these one new activeness they will successfully attract new people.

Taking Action

We started cooperation with Polish Lacrosse champion team – Grom Warsaw, American Footbal team – Warsaw Sharks and middle school from Józefów which bought equipment and implemented regular trainings .

We began with a series of workshops with specialists and open three online shops with professional equipment.

Enabling Progress

Project “LAX DO IT” became a hit and recognizable brand in Warsaw’s school. 4000 people took part in trainings.

585 students in age 13-16 have got regular Lacrosse training on physical education. Students are more interested to attend these lessons than traditional one.

Online sales shop obtains 30 000 PLN revenue per year and ensures workplace for one person.

Project Info

Project is realized by Enactus SGGW


Paweł Trela
883 182 556