Faculty Advisors) play a key role in the development of student teams and their projects. Faculty Advisors help students gain a unique experience that affects their subsequent careers.
They motivate students and direct their attention to the achievement of crucial objectives. Faculty Advisors provide professional support for teams in the implementation of projects by serving them with their knowledge and experience. They act as mentors and support students in dealing with the business world.

For the role of Faculty Advisors zwe invite leading academics and lecturers. In Enactus they work closely with the students and the business world . Academic leaders are one of the three pillars of Enactus idea.


The activities of students in the Enactus is complementary to the activity carried out at universities. Faculty Advisor can direct the work of the team, so that he acted in accordance with the principles and mission of the university. The common Enactus and Academics goal is to increase business awareness of students, so that they can have a positive impact on local community.
Each team implementing projects can choose a target group – part the local community. Enactus is a very good tool that enables communication between the university and its environment. Enactus teams that are successful testify about prestige of universities they represent and clarify its important role in the local community.
Faculty Advisors involved in Enactus have the opportunity to participate in a number of additional events at the regional, national, and international levels. While participating in meetings of this type, you can make friends with representatives of many companies and other universities, as well as to start an interesting collaboration with numerous organizations. Involvement in Enactus is an opportunity to increase the visibility and strengthen the positive image of the university in the business world.
If you are interested in participating in Enactus, please kontakt. We are glad to provide you with any information.

Anna Taraska

Enactus Poland Program Manager

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