Students form independent teams , and then develop and implement educational projects addressed to the local community. The idea is to provide knowledge, attitudes and skills related to the operation in free market economy.

Taken initiatives should lead to the improvement of the economic and financial status of beneficiaries covered by the program. Enactus team should also develop and apply the strategy of long-term functioning of the team and its projects.


  • gaining experience in putting ideas into reality, the environment of the free market. Acquiring skills for example. While setting up your own business, implementing innovative activities
  • learning to create and run their own organization / project / company. You will learn how to build organizational structures, motivate the team, and raise funds for the operation and development

  • implementation of business initiatives in line with the principles of ethics and social responsibility
  • opportunity to improve the quality of life of selected groups in local communities – being a leader driving changes in their environment

  • developing team work, communication, leadership, working time organization
  • gaining project management knowledge
  • development of the financial and economic awarness
  • opportunity to prove themselves as leaders, trainers who provide the community the knowledge and skills while they are learning in a practical, innovative way
  • participation in Enactus trainings and conferences

  • meeting with attractive employers and an opportunity to establish permanent cooperationy
  • establish new friends, also with students from around the world by participation in national and world finals
  • membership in Enactus Alumni associations


1) They work on projects

– receive knowledge about the functioning of the projects

– take responsibility, at the beginning taking actions with the help of experienced team members learning by doing

– from the beginning a new team member has a right to decide with rest of the team about actions and projects forms and shape

3) Have the opportunity to be the leader

– anyone can create their ideas for the project and be a leader on the team, which will lead given initiative. (ideas for the project must be consistent with the vision of Enactus)

– team leaders also have the opportunity to participate in training on project management, team management, and what is crucial they can develop leadership skills in practice

2) Take part in training

– Enactus partners organize various trainings and workshops for teams. Example. How to effectively introduce innovative designs to the market

4) They take part in the competition Enactus

– every year Enactus teams take part in National Competition Enactus, during which judges, representing the world of business evaluate the projects implemented by all the teams in Poland, selecting the best projects – those which are most fully in line with Enactus mission. The winning team receives the right to represent Poland at the world cup

– participation in the competition is an opportunity to prove themselves in the situation of a business presentation, and the opportunity to establish contacts with potential employers


  • understanding of the project criterion and work in harmony with the spirit of Enactus
  • commitment to ongoing initiatives (from the new people we expect approx. 4-5 hours per week dedicated for Enactus actions)
  • motivation
  • desire to conscious self-development
  • being ready for a lot of positive experience!
If you have questions regarding to the operating in Enactus fell free to contact us. Learn more and join us!

Anna Taraska

Enactus Poland Program Manager