Creative, ambitious and passionate. That’s who we are. We are Enactus team working in BIGRAM. Our priority is to invest in chosen students and create a friendly empowering environment where they can grow as leaders, change makers and social innovators. We wish to empower future leaders and connect them with best employers and organizations. Therefore, in Enactus we constantly get business and students together for experience and knowledge exchange. We create events that have magnetic positive power. We energize business and academics, we motivate them to lead social economical and business oriented innovations and local projects.

Our team, responsible for Enactus development in Poland, gains experience by taking part in international conferences and meetings at Enactus World Cup. We track trends and pick up best practices not only from Europe but also from the worldwide Enactus network. We keep our ambitious and goals high. We want to have the Polish representation on podium at Enactus World Cup (in the nearest future) and we want to bring Enactus World Cup to Poland (sooner than later)


We have rapidly developed a strong business network around Enactus gathering leading organizations and employers in the program. And we keep on growing!We are aiming to become the strongest and most “effective in action” network of business and academic leaders facing together The Global Sustainable Goals (SDG).We are local patriots, believing that our Polish local young leaders have the power to be leaders at a worldwide scale. Design innovations and introduce projects that can make a significant positive change in the world. Our Enactus Poland team is always ready for action!